Take Flight, Seeds of Renewal Is Now Live!

January 16th by Blizzard Entertainment

Discover the buried history of Azeroth and the Dragon Isles through the Azerothian Archives Public Event, explore Bel'ameth—a burgeoning new zone offering hope to the kaldorei, take dragonriding to the skies of old-world continents, storm dragonflight dungeons alongside NPC companions, complete new campaign chapters in the continuation of the Dragon Isle epilogues, and more!

Seeds of Renewal Zone Overview: Discover Bel'ameth

Discover Bel'ameth, the arms of the Goddess, a much-needed place for the kaldorei to seek repose and solace. This new night elf settlement lies adjacent to the Ohn'ahran Plains in the Dragon Isles. It rests beneath the new World Tree, Amirdrassil's boughs. [Learn More]

Dig Into the Dragon Isles with the Azerothian Archives

Dig into the history of the Dragon Isles and meet a unique cast of characters, hear stories of old, and witness the iconography of a time before. Participate in Solo and Group activities within Traitor's Rest with an hourly Public Event, plenty of opportunity to explore, and earn cosmetic rewards like Battle Pets, Mounts, and a Transmog set. [Learn More]

Gilneas Reclamation

King Greymane, the Old Wolf, is ready to retake his kingdom, but Gilneas isn't as empty as expected. Help reclaim what was lost and return the kingdom to Gilnean hands. To begin this storyline, speak to Genn Greymane in Stormwind or Calia Menethil in Silverpine Forest.

Follower Dungeons

Tank, heal, and DPS alongside follower NPC companions that join you on your Dungeon adventures. They will be available in all eight Normal difficulty Dragonflight Dungeons—queue solo or partner up with a friend or two. These companions will allow players to learn about Dragonflight dungeons at their own pace. [Learn More]

New Character Customizations

Trolls, Draenei, Warlock Tyrant, and Darkglare demons get a glow-up in the Seeds of Renewal content update—get creative with your characters! Trolls, it's time to hit the salon and change things up with five new hair colors. Unique customization for Draenei, Warlock Tyrant, and Darkglare demons are incoming, along with customization achievements. [Learn More]

Dragonriding Available Worldwide

The skies of Azeroth and beyond can be yours while adventuring. In Seeds of Renewal, Dragonriding will be expanded to all old-world continents wherever flying is available.

Seeds of Renewal Content Update Notes

Learn more details about the Seeds of Renewal Content Update in our update notes.

Uncover the buried history of Azeroth, soar the skies, and discover more adventure in Seeds of Renewal. We’ll see you in the Dragon Isles, Azeroth, and wherever your journeys take you!